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The third season of "Lockdown" that I do not want to binge

I'll refer to 2020 as the first season. It was scary, full of cliffhangers, and became slightly addictive. Whether or not it was our choice to watch, we were inundated with updates and images and articles. To put it simply: we couldn't escape it. Season 2 (2021) allowed a little bit of respite, the battle fatigue wore off, and we...for the most part...went along for the ride. I feel like it was akin to the mental break the directors in movies allow before a big scare. You have that false sense of security "they made it!" you think as you release the breath you didn't quite realize you were holding. Cue: season 3... we're 6 days into 2022. And yeah as it turns out, the collective "they" I'm referring to in this imaginary series haven't made it out. The antagonist is still skulking in the shadows. Following closely behind these poor unwilling participants. Asychronous learning began yesterday, January 5 2022. Online sychronous learning begins Monday January 10 2022. And I just wish I could skip past this series. What else is on my recommended list?

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